Planning as a path to wellness

Last week, I attended a wellness workshop at the my office. The focus was on wellness as an integrative practice. Giving yourself a score across across 8 dimensions would help you identify how “bumpy” your life might be currently. The goal isn’t to get each dimension to a perfect 10 on the satisfaction scale. The intention was to better understand where things might not be in balance.

The Wheel Of Life exercise wasn’t new. My nutritionist showed me something similar, except instead of 8 dimensions, there were twelve. One of the most popular articulations of this concept is Hal Elrod’s Level 10 Life from the Miracle Morning. My favorite post on this is from Boho Berry’s blog: Level 10 Life: 100 Goals in 10 Focus Areas. There are other models of wellness that have 4, 6, and 7 components – all variations on a theme.

my take on the wheel exercise,
using my HAPPY Focus Areas

This is when I realized that my Work Your Happy approach is, at its core, a wellness practice. HAPPY (health, assets, people, purpose and yourself) is a 5-dimension wellness framework. Work Your HAPPY is my deliberate approach to investing time in each of those areas each week; using an analog planner as a dashboard to keep things in balance.

Now, planning as a wellness practice seems obvious to me. My resistance, however, was the idea that anything I do could be related to the wellness industry. Wellness, in my previously narrow mindset, was physical health and nutrition. Two areas in which I have… “opportunities for growth”.

Yet once I put the wellness frame around my planning, it made sense. Planning is at the core of my own self-care practices. I have friends who are runners, quilters, writers, glorious at home chefs, dancers… and each of them have to plan in order to keep those parts of themselves a priority.

Journal Prompt
What parts of your personality would benefit from more attention?
In what ways have you found to be successful at prioritizing self-care?

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