Better Together

I’m kicking off a year-long writing exercise with my friend Teresa, a fellow #goalgetter and mom with a capital “C” career. Teresa and I connect monthly, swap ideas around podcasts, non-fiction books, time management and priorities.

We both know we can do anything, just not everything. We realized that one of things we both want to do in 2020 is write more.

We came up with the idea of a monthly-ish blog series, where we’ll both share our take on the same topic. We hope other’s decide to share their perspectives, too – we’re calling it #pursinghappiness. January’s topic is introductions and a little background on how we each think about our annual goals. Find out more about Teresa’s and her January post via LinkedIn.

A Little About Me

I’m an optimist and an activist. I believe knowing what makes you soulfully, authentically happy is necessary to creating a life where you have the most impact. I’ve worked in corporate HR jobs for 20+ years, always with an intention of making the workplace better. We spend too much time at work for work to not be fulfilling in someway.

Work Your Happy is my side practice. #wyh is this blog, my framework of HAPPY (health, assets, people, purpose, yourself), workshops and my personal practice for organizing my thoughts and my time to integrate more happiness into the many facets of my life. 

My 2020 Goals

I’m a list maker, planner, goal setter and organizer. When Teresa and I started talking about this collaboration, I reviewed my 2020 goals in my Passion Planner, and realized I had set over 30 (!?) individual goals, intentions or resolutions. That’s pretty typical: I’m a starter, not always a finisher. Obviously. 

Therefore… I refined all those lists and aligned everything against my HAPPY framework: Health, Assets, People, Purpose and Yourself. For each of these 5 focus areas, I streamlined my lists into a single intention for the year. 

It feels a little risky, but I’m sharing my five 2020 intentions. Here goes!

  • HEALTH: Run again. 
  • ASSETS: Stick to monthly budget using a cash only system (starting in February…)
  • PEOPLE: Host 12 dinner get togethers at home.
  • PURPOSE: 4 Workshops/Speaking Engagements
  • YOURSELF: Commit to my own 1.8% Promise (weekly)

Each of these have a whole host of to-dos that tie back in order to make them work well:  Eat better to run more, be on my screens less to reach that 1.8% weekly goal, relentlessly manage schedules to get friends into my house for dinner… and so on. 

2020 vision “board”

Teresa and I would love to know if you want to write about #pursuinghappiness with us. All you have to do is…write a post on the monthly topic where we can find it! Let me know in the comments or at workyourhappy @ gmail(dot)com if you join in. 

Next up:
What do you think when you hear “self-care”?

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