Back to Basics, Self-Care Edition

Self-care is not vanity.

Jonathan Van Ness, Over The Top

Oh, whoa. Teresa and I agreed that “what do you think when you hear self-care?” would be a great prompt coming out February. You know, self-care and that holiday focused on love and appreciation? We’d apply it to ourselves and have a great topic to explore.

And look at where things are now.

Clara Parkes called the current state of affairs “a rising panic in my soul”.
That is exactly how I feel. It’s anxiety+.

Our self-care routines are being tested. Over the last week, I’ve slipped into the news-panic-anxiety-self soothing spiral that isn’t much help. I’m in emergency self-care mode these days, and it’s all about back to basics.

Here are my three go-to self-care truths:

  1. Action cures fear: If I have a mantra, this is it. Doing something reminds me I have agency. Sometimes that action is taking a walk, listening to uplifting music, taking a bath, calling my elected representative. Small actions add up. All we have to do in each moment is the next right thing.
  2. Minimize info intake: Constant news, social media and talking about what’s making me anxious doesn’t help unless it is prompting a new decision or action.
  3. Maximize wind and water: Simple solutions are often the best solutions. Taking deep breaths and drinking enough water are game-changing habits.

Be gentle with yourself and be kind to others.

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