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Hi! I’m Wendy, an optimist who’s a combination of Molly Weasley, Merida, Donna Noble and Jesse from Toy Story. I’m using my 15+ years of HR experience to inspire and encourage others to find ways to turn up the volume on what makes us each happier.

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It all began when my son’s doctor called me “Mom”. . . before my son was born.

Those conversations around work-life balance* I’d been having for more than 15 years as an HR professional? They would now be my reality in ways I hadn’t been able to imagine.


I know deep in my bones that choosing between work or life is a false dichotomy that so many of us feel forced to make: an Employee and One Other Thing. We’re each happiest when we honor the different facets of who we are. I realized I have friends and coworkers making decisions based on the limiting work-or-life framework.

And I want it to stop.

We are each as multi-faceted as a sparking diamond! I’m a Writer. Friend. Artist. Traveler. Reader. Knitter. Baker. Party Planner. Wife. Problem Solver. Dog mom. Sister. Daughter. Little Free Library Librarian. Photographer. Gardner. Doctor Who fan.

And the list goes on.

I’m committed to helping others “be more happy” by sharing practical advice and simple exercises to develop the skill of being happier. I’m here to help you Work Your Happy.

Your first assignment?
Polish Your Diamonds: Name all your shiny, sparkling facets. 

Start with “I am a” … and list all the parts of who you are. 

*Or, “sway”, the au courant label of the same limiting idea.