My “rules” of working happy

Yesterday, a friend texted me about an insane situation at her work place. Emotions running high, communications breaking down, exhaustion and frustration setting in. My text back: Observe over engage. Not everything needs an immediate response. It's the action-oriented view of "important vs urgent". Full disclosure: sometimes we give the advice we need to hear.… Continue reading My “rules” of working happy


First Wednesdays: “mini newsletter”

On the first Wednesday of each month, I send out an email with a list of articles and ideas that made me think over the prior month to friends and other interesting people. If that's something that sounds interesting to you, subscribe here. Here's last month's highlights! Health: Managing your energy might be harder than you’d… Continue reading First Wednesdays: “mini newsletter”


Visualizing and Interacting with Time

Vanessa Shaw prioritizes her week in under 30 minutes using sticky notes to physically categorize, organize and prioritize work. I have a similar-in-intent strategy with my paper planner. Vanessa captures why I love my paper planner: it allows me to both visualize and interact with my time.  As I re-read the article, I realized that… Continue reading Visualizing and Interacting with Time